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@jontybradley 'It's not the soundbite any more, but the "i-bite"...where strong opinion can shout down evidence.'

@SeligLeisure 200-year-old Beech trees illegally cut down in Blackwood - BBC News

@Ihatecyclingbut Anti Trump rally in Belfast so large, so large, crowd went as far down Donegall Place as you could see...…

@geof_hughes BBC News - 200-year-old trees illegally cut down in Blackwood

@mjdean22 BBC Sport - Richie Porte wins Tour Down Under in first event on 2017 UCI WorldTour

@RicoS90 Andy Murray (1) knocked out by world 50; Novak Djokovic (2) knocked out by world 117. Shocking tennis Down Under.

@howserv @LeapingwellIan @BBCPropaganda more BBC lies. We watched on Youtuve. Crowds massive. To rstings down for everything.

@SportsTimesST Richie Porte wins Tour Down Under in first event on 2017 UCI WorldTour

@BBCR1MusicBot Now Playing Rita Ora - I Will Never Let You Down @RitaOra

@CarolLetizia1 ScotRail Alliance managing director Phil Verster steps down

@Doulamaddie A lot of inter-generational knowledge must have been passed down through this family! (AC) Meet the only British...

@Yellow_Ferret My first ever round down the range was a SHPRAC on the DST scale, nice to know that you can do the same in the Navy

@cupplement So this is how the next four years go down. Reporting the truth is dishonest, when that truth is inconvenient .

@ItHappensAtTea Dishonest #Trump rant? Calm down dear, it's only a Presidency. #TrumpInaugural #TrumpProtest #PresidentTrump

@sistercompany So much in common with Putin. Shouting the opposition down with half-formulated threats is not democratic....

@PeterAHayes_pah A readable take-down of Brit efforts in Berlin, with a pro Euro perspective. @damienmcguin

@Sport_Sport1 Richie Porte wins Tour Down Under in first event on 2017 UCI WorldTour: Former Team Sky rider Richie Porte wins…

@leftwingedduck BBC News - I took a car out on a test drive but it broke down.......I didn't buy that car.

@LizLeoM #Trump attacks on #Press deeply disturbing. What does #History show us? #totalitarianism shuts down #FreePress

@bbctennis Roger Federer has come back from two breaks down. It's now 5-5 in the first set. A rip-roaring start! Live 👉…

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