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@SaviSanghi Notorious paedophile ‘highly likely’ to have had UK victims The church & the authorities in IND let down these kids

@TheElitistSport Conor Hourihane's 50th league goal is the winner as Villa down Nottingham Forest 2-1.

@kevina364 Conor Hourihane's 50th league goal is the winner as Villa down Nottingham Forest 2-1.

@eve_rebecca "Lwin says text-only posts containing allegations against the Burmese military have been taken down"

@MikeyPetersAloy The Shithouse BBC is the enemy of the British people. Don't pay their license fee. Shut it down. #bbc

@Biggreenbooks How cool? You can watch Bristol City Women v Chelsea Ladies on the BBC website (not cool that City are 2-0 down).

@MikeyPetersAloy Sue the bastards, Mark Sampson. BBC is enemy of the British people. Don't pay license fee. Shut it down. #bbc

@Rik_Ashton The island where people eat puffins. I much prefer Penguins, but I have to cut down on my sugar intake.

@gwynemberton Finally getting to this BBC News - 'Art sends a shiver down my spine' - Mercedes Stoutzker

@Kim_KimmiH BBC News - Lake District mountains: 'Drugged' walkers rescued what a waste of money getting this lot down...

@MCIcsusm Going to track down this card company!! What's the right thing to say to someone with cancer?

@NoToTBU @davidjbricey scroll down and click play

@BBCR1MusicBot Now Playing Stush, Groove Armada - Get Down #stush, @GrooveArmada

@BBC_Teach Today marks 60 years of BBC Schools TV. Take a trip down memory lane and see how much you remember #BBCSchools60 👇👍📺

@Jonny_J_ Visitor numbers to UK hit record in July But trips overseas by UK residents are down by quite a bit! @BBCBusiness

@clareteal Wind down your weekend with the best in #BigBand & Swing 9pm @BBCRadio2 AND my guest for the week @LMarshallSinger

@annispice BBC News - Trump NFL row: Sports stars round on US president - isnt it offensive 2 kneel down 4 the national anthem?

@85Herd Was this racially motivated attack? A "former SAS trooper" tweeted about this & people wanted to burn down mosques!

@BBC6MusicBot Now Playing Louis Armstrong - Go Down Moses #louisarmstrong

@HERMusicPR Headed down to @BBCIntroWY last night to chat gender in-equality within the music industry! Check it out! 49 mins!

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